Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Self Drive

Payment Terms:
Payment will be in advance at the time of car delivery.

Free Mileage:
Rates include unlimited mileage.

Rates do not include gasoline. However, one full tank is provided at check-out to be refilled at the renter’s expense.

Minimum Charges:
Minimum charges is one day. Additional hour is calculated at one-fifth of the daily rate applicable.

Renter’s Qualification:
Minimum age to quality for rental is 21 years with valid driving license. An international driving permit is also required for Non Pakistani license holders.

Insurance Liability:
Clint will be responsible for the damages of the vehicle up-to Rs.99,000/- only, the above amount will be paid by the Insurance company. (This facility will be available to those clients who will pay the Insurance charges otherwise all damages and depreciation has to be paid by the client).

Collection and Delivery:
Collection and delivery service available within Islamabad, limited to pre-qualified clients during business hours at an additional charge of Rs. 500/-. In case of delivery of the car outside of city like Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Abbotabad etc., then the charges will be Rs. 1500/- plus fuel charges.

All tax, parking fee, traffic fines etc., when applicable are payable by the renting party.

Extension of Rentals:
Should the renter wish to extend rental beyond the previously agreed terminating date and time, it is most important that the renting station is advised immediately. Failure to do so may mean that the renter is driving the vehicle without insurance, and violating the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Personal Property:
Classic Car accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any property carried in or on the car.

Security Deposit
Classic Car will keep the Security deposit of Rs. 5000/- or equivalent of foreign currency that will be refundable at the time of the closing.

General Conditions and Information for Chauffeur Drive

Overnight Allowance:
Overnight allowance of Rs. 300/- per day is charged for vehicles checking-in after 00.00 hours (mid-night).

Free Mileage:
Rates include unlimited mileage.

Rates do not include gasoline. However, one full tank is provided at check-out to be refilled at the renter’s expense.

Rates include coverage of all third party liability together with cover for damage to the Classic Car Vehicle.

Terms of Payment:
For cash rentals, a deposit equivalent to 120% of estimated rental charges is payable prior to release of the vehicle and the final adjustments will be made upon completion of the rental.

Charge Card Accepted:
VISA & Master Card are accepted.

Identification Requirements:
Local renters – national identification card. Foreign renters – Passport of identification card.

Other Information for Chauffeur Drive Only

All time and mileage charges commence as of when the vehicle leaves the garage and conclude when the vehicle returns to the garage.

The chauffeur should be given a break for lunch and for dinner in addition, the chauffeur should be give a minimum break of six consecutive hours during every 24 hours on duty. This is a necessary safety requirement.

Classic strictly prohibits any person other than own chauffeur from driving their vehicles.

The chauffeur will drive at a reasonable speed according to his judgment of road condition and traffic at any particular time. Under no circumstances should the chauffeur be pressured to exceed the posted speed.

When a vehicle is rented for a week or longer period, whilst every endeavor will be made for the renter to retain the same car and driver during such periods, Classic reserves the right exigency of service.

Under no circumstances will the vehicle be driven no unpaved roads. The chauffeur has the authority to refuse requests to drive vehicle on unpaved roads.